Yes all estimates are free,verbal or written we detail what work we are going to perform and what materials are being used. We also detail what colors of paint we  are going to use for that job. We will insist you in any way in choosing what colors would match to your furniture or carpet or for your surroundings for exterior painting. Yes sr. citizens discount will be given when asked at the time of the estimate.

Interior Painting:
                                      We provide the proper materials needed for interior painting such as good canvas tarps for covering up furniture and the floor and any place that we don't want the paint to go. We also use light plastic to cover chandeliers while we  are painting the walls or ceilings from the over spill of paint..
  We will move furniture to the proper places and cover up while performing our painting. Acoustic ceilings designed and painted:  Proper prep work is done while working inside .Any questions will be answered so the  home owner has total piece of mind!

Minor Repairs:
                       We do minor repairs of- dry wall repair, plastering any cracks and holes, sanding, caulking, scraping, any type of wood prep, Nailing back siding,primer

Wall papering:

wallpapering  We perform wall papering removal and wall papering of kitchens
and bathrooms,Bedrooms.Boarders are also done, any design or cut to match sizing of
wood work or chair rails or ceilings.......

Exterior Painting:
                      Any type of  House&Garage or Building -painting to be performed: Spraying of Aluminum,Brushing, Rolling,Trim work,Staining,Primering,  also painting of: Awnings,Shutters,Foundations,Porches,Decks,Dormers,Windows. Vinyl Siding,Venues,churches

Aluminum Siding Refinishing:

 spray         Any type of aluminum house&garage sprayed after proper prep. work has been done.(pictures of work -Jobs Completed -folder) any outside color to choose from. We use there Quailty paint for all of our exterior painting. 2 coats applied.
 We re-caulk around all windows and doors were and when needed. Most Important of all we Pressure Wash and give the siding a proper cleaning. We mask off all windows and tarp off driveway when spraying siding.

Pressure Washing:
                  For most of our work outside we pressure wash. With a clean surface the paint job will get longer life and not peal with in a year if the proper prep work was not performed. A good paint job of aluminum siding could get 15yrs or more !
 We clean houses&garages,buildings, porches,decks,fences,decks,gutters,foundations.


Wood Houses:
                    Wood homes usually take allot more prep. work, Most cases a good cleaning and striping of pealing paint. Scraping, Primering,Caulking, but in the long run they look the most beautiful of them all.
Also painting of vinyl,shake shingle ,slate, tudor type homes. Cedar siding, T11

Cleaned and stained / Acrylics / solid stains / semi solid stains also  fences

  Awnings & Shutters:
        Cleaned or painted or brand new shutters and awnings installed/ask for more info.

tinywood We will be on our way for you!