welcome to pinchak painting  We try to understand what the customers needs are and what we should
apply to satisfy them. We at Pinchak Painting want people to feel comfortable with
us performing the work that is required for that particular job. 

  We have many references but our best is our work performed and work
completed, We have many satisfied customers and depend on a good report about

our performance which we got allot of referral  work.

  There many colors to choose from. I have brochures with some of the
interior colors in white&lights collection. But for most colors the paint store will
have many color strips to choose from the interior or exterior color section.
   There free so take some strips home and look at them and see which ones
you would like before choosing your color/

At Pinchak Painting we are very prompt  to answer any calls and to be on
time for out giving out free estimates. Any work that is being performed we
are very courteous and we will clean up after our selfs.

Our business serves the greater cleveland area and surrounding communities.
We do most of our painting with in a 20 mile radius of Cleveland. We do travel
farther on referral estimates.

Customer Satisfaction is always a must. I want the customer satisfied with our
work at the end of the job. Any touch ups are usually performed right away as
needed. We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you in the future.

We take pride in our work&craftsmanship after the job has been
finished. We take in acceptation if the paint damage was the cause of the weather
or a object of sort. We will answer any complaints without hesitation.

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Q: Do I need to paint my house?

A: Well, how does the paint look? Is it dingy, sometimes dirt and mildew can make a house look dingy and all that is needed is a good power wash with a mildicide, However if the paint is peeling or chalking (if it comes off on your hand when rubbed) it needs to be done soon.

Q: My paint is chalking why can’t I wait to paint?

A: When paint starts to chalk (powdery paint comes off on your hand when rubbed) that is a sign that the paint is starting to break down, the reason that it is imperative that you paint as soon as possible is that once the paint starts breaking down it will continue to deteriorate. If the old paint breaks down enough the whole house will have to be primed with a bonding primer which will increase the cost of your paint job.  Also, if the old paint breaks down enough it can cause peeling in which case it can not be warranted.

Q: My paint is peeling what can I do?

A: Unfortunately aside from stripping, priming and repainting there is very little that can be done once paint starts peeling. Once paint begins to peel it will continue, even if you get a good paint job over top, the old surface underneath will continue to peel causing the new paint to peel off as well.

Q: What should I look for when choosing a painting contractor?

A: Your house is a valuable investment and you want someone reputable. Ask your friends and co-workers who they use. Always check references, ask if insured!

Q: My contractor wants a deposit what should I do?

A: Some small company's like myself need a small deposit to cover labor and paint cost.Paid in full upon completion of job.

Q: How long should my paint job last?

A: We warrant our paint jobs for 1 year (that's labor and material).   However, properly maintained, should last you at least 5-10 yrs for wooden homes, siding repaints can go 20yr or more.

Q: If I change the colors will the job cost more?

A: Sometimes yes, Sometimes no, some colors cover very good and some very poorly, yellows and reds are the worst covering colors. We will let you know when you pick your color if we think that additional coats will be necessary and how much more it could cost if multiple coats become necessary.

Q: Why should I put sealer or stain on my deck if the wood is pressure treated ?

A: Pressure treated wood will not rot, but it will cup, warp, split and splinter if it is not sealed so water will not absorb and then evaporate in a number of cycles

Q: How much paint do I need to buy?

A: Our quote will include all materials, as well as labor.Unless stated otherwise

Q:  What will you do to avoid paint drips? The last painter dripped paint on our roof and shrubs.

A: A quality job is as much about what the paint doesn't go on as it is about what it does go on. We protect the areas around our painting with drop cloths and, if a drop of paint gets on something it shouldn't, we clean it up immediately.

Q:  We have some rotted wood. Can you make repairs?

A: Yes, Our crew's can do small repairs, for larger we have a carpenter that will give you a quote or you can use a carpenter of your choice.

Q:  Will the new paint cover mildew?

A: Never paint over mildew, It is a living organism and will grow through the new paint. Prior to the start of painting we will come out and wash your house spot area with bleach/3 parts water will clean and kill the mildew on the house.

Q: We have drywall damage and water stains. Do you make these kinds of repairs?

A: Yes, All cracks are properly scraped out, filled and sanded. All holes are filled and sanded smooth, Caulking is inspected around all windows and frames, doors and door frames and re-caulked as needed. Crown molding, chair rail and trim are all caulked and properly prepared. All nail pops are repaired and sanded. Water stains, are primed before painting and grease and heavy dirt accumulations are cleaned.


Q: Can you help select colors?

A:  We will assist you in making a choice that you will be happy with. and its only our suggestion you will make final choice

Q: I have several estimates and there are big differences in the prices.

A: Every painter is different,We at pinchak painting try to give the best price to properly do the work for that picticular job.

Q: My metal garage door and rain gutters came with a baked-on factory finish. Can they be painted to match my new color selection?

A: Yes. The quality  paints we recommend adhere very well to the finish used by the manufacturer of these products


Q: How much will it cost my company for an estimate?

A: There is never any charge for a proposal, no matter how small or large the job Free estimates.

Q: How can I avoid mildew on my painted house?

A: We Use quality  paint with agents that inhibit mildew growth on paint film.

Q: The house doesn't look that bad. Why should I paint?

A: We feel that a house is a lot like an automobile in the fact that the investment is large and the maintenance is a must. You wouldn't wait until the engine blows to check or change the oil. A layer of paint only 1/1000th of an inch thick can protect your home - perhaps your single largest investment. Outside paint provides a layer of protection against airborne dust, pollution, dirt and all types of weather and climate conditions. Inside your home paint resists staining and damage from finger smudges, kitchen grease, furniture grease and the wear of everyday living.

Q: Should I paint or stain my wood deck?

A: You should certainly protect your deck from unnecessary moisture intrusion and the harmful effects of the sun's ultra-violet rays. Use of a penetrating stain, containing water repellent ingredients in most cases will protect your deck best. The pigment in the stain will absorb the ultra-violet rays from the sun and protect the wood fibers from degradation. In most cases a stain will need maintenance every 2-4 years while clear sealers require maintenance every 1-2 years. Prior to finishing the deck it is important to wash the deck thoroughly to remove dead wood fibers, dirt, and any mildew spores. One final note, if you plan on cleaning your deck with a pressure washer take caution not to use excessive pressure or spray at an improper angle. Improper use can severely damage your deck and cost you much more than you saved by undertaking the project yourself. Take the worry out of this type of project and hire the professional contractor.


                                                 Michael Pinchak