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   High volume of painting, get account with the supplier. Less time wasted in getting paint to do your jobs..Most paints are very good, you  have to try out and find  what grades of paint does that job best for you...!!!! I used Bher exterior latex premium paint on a wooden double, I was suprised the good quality and coverage of the paint..always buy  top-selve material for your job of what-ever brand of paint.... With the high cost of paint..Its very beneficial to research out the different quality&Warranty issues. I use all the paints i have listed here. For outside i prefer    Benjamin moore or glidden,duplex Inside Dutch Boy or Glidden i use... Interior paint is more costly then exterior paint... Glidden ultra hide is a far more superior paint then sherwin's super or pro-mar 200 interior paints... Glidden ultra hide paint can cover with one coat and cover pencil lines or marks left over from wallpapering. Not crayon, you still have to block out with kill's.. sherwin William's basic paint doesn't cover pencil lines.... Yow can save  $ big with glidden... Benjamin moore aqu-glow is one of the best interior paint on the market..But you will be paying almost 40$+ a gal. with tax...... 12-27-2005

I painted a aluminum siding house using sherwin William's ext. super -color accent paint... what a Horrible mistake... it didn't cover with one coat,paint was watery and cost me another 5$ a gal..That was in fall 3 years ago... Why pay almost 35$ a gal for watery paint that doesn;t cover?????. There regular exterior super paint is very good..but there color accent paint is a big joke!!!!  Save your money people!!!

I been using ici paints and what a difference.the coverage is better and the price is also. Duplex exterior paint is can paint wood,siding,awnings and the coverage is great... For a painter i am very pleased and the future looks bright using a good quality paint.. Even my customers used the paint and noticed the good coverage and were get what you pay for. ICI paints is a winner in my book...........................  4-7-2006

My business has taken off that I am blessed from god of a great year painting. I stepped out in faith switching to ICI Paints which the people have been great at the store..
....   ICI Paints will take care of you and there products are much more advanced and affordable ,the choice is yours!!!!!!.......7-26-2006

A record year of painting&remodeling i am grateful for the people at the ICI paint stores for my best year yet of painting and for keeping their word and not cheating me on my set paint prices. I look forward to the years to come with ici paints stores(glidden paints) as my supplier. ......11-27-2006

A new year and i welcome it. I look forward to serving the public with therepainting needs. I did about a dozen wallpaper removal jobs last year and already have jobs this month .I will be using glidden paints or ICI for most of my int/ext. painting. Quality paints and coverage which customers are completely
satisfied with the results. .........  1-10-2007

Sherwin Williams store manager on turney road called, he noticed i haven't been in his store by his records. Sad fact in life it is all about the numbers...The manager told me if i don't like their prices too bad...well one year
later i been buying my paints at ICI paint store and that happens to be the best decision i ever made !!!
I did some painting for a customer in cleveland last year.She insisted on using sherwin williams paint instead of going to Home Depot,well the downtown Sherwin Williams store sold her latex paint for the outside porch of the house and told her the paint is much more advanced and will last..i got a call today of her telling me have the porch floors and pillars are pealing away.6 months later.One very expensive mistake of going to a store of liars........      4-3-2008

Uh ha another new year i am still excited because i love to paint, especially outside painting is fun..waiting for snow to melt and do me some painting.Hopefully i am staying busy for awhile in jesus name i pray...2-25-10

Wow a tough cold winter,not much snow this year,last year record warm temps,great paint year! lots of outside work,could be awhile before i get to it..Ready for another paint season, i am Stoked!!!!!  Glidden and Home Depot paints rock....3-7-2013

Started my first exterior job of the year and will be using Glidden ultra hide paint... the roughest winter i as a clevelander went through, first snow in oct 2013 and last so far in april 2014...6 months could be worst..I thank god i don't live in Russia.. 4-9-2014

Another year and look forward to another great paint season/easier winter and Ready to go/ Glidden paints are my first choice! 3-17-2016

. what a year last year 2016,, cavs nba champs & Parade of 1.5 million people, new president Trump, Painted the franklyn Manner in bedford, i'm in the mindset to go 10 more yrs of  painting hopefully my body hold up.another easy winter and feel blessed and looking forward to another great year of painting..