This whole demise started when Michael Jones the VP for seller experience left Ebay. He believed giving large promotions to sellers was the best way for Ebay and sellers to be profitable. Since he left and Jordan Sweetnam  took his place is when all the promotions dried up. Holding the auction style promos hostage and just giving 30 day fixed pricing promos here and there. They are trying to force feed sellers into Ebay stores.From what I am reading on here it is not working.


Thanks Jordan Sweetnam for the shaft oh I mean "experience"....

Jordan Sweetnam, you need business school. If you've already gone, please go back & learn this time.

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Dear eBay & Jordan Sweetnam,


Trying to make more money for ebay by taking away our listing power & trying to "force" people into a store subscription is definitely NOT good math!! Business School 101:

  • You, trying to force us to pay for a store subscription will make us leave eBay for one of the other dozens of auction sites: hence LESS MONEY for you.
  • You, taking away our free listing power will force us to leave eBay; hence, LESS MONEY for you.
  • You, increasing fees on sold items will force us to leave eBay; hence again, LESS MONEY for you
  • You, grinding us "monetarily" into the ground will force us to leave eBay; hence once more, LESS MONEY for you.
  • IT WILL NOT MAKE US WANT TO OPEN A STORE SUBSCRIPTION. Again, it will NOT make us decide to open an eBay store. It will send us somewhere else. It will send us to your competitors.
  • Your constantly resticting us & then wanting more money...will NOT cause us to CONTINUE BUYING on eBay either. We will find it somewhere else!!!!


Most sellers on eBay are not trying to earn their main income. We are supplementing it. In the last couple of years you have taken away: the number of free listings per month, the relist 3 times for free feature and now again, the number of free listings per month. I'm going from 100 free listings pre month to 20? Are you crazy? Most items have to be relisted many, MANY times per month(s), sometimes for over a year before they sell. Back to Business School 101; that means eBay made less money when you took me down to 100 listings per month in 2014. Now you've taken away 80% of my free listings? Business School 101, eBay makes 80% less money on me starting May 1st.


You are welcome to look at the difference in my selling dollar amount between  2013 & 2014. I worked hard to get a TOP RATED SELLER STATUS, but because you decreased my ability to list & the auto relist 3 times free option, I did the majority of my selling on one of your competitor's website in 2014. I even increased my sales by over $3,000 in 2014, but you didn't see any of that money because of your restrictive policies. In an economy where we need to do a part time job to meet household expenses, you chose to only think about eBay, rather then the eBay community. I realize you need to meet your expenses as well, but when your greed trumphs my breaking even, I'm going to do what I have to for my family.


Just because you think you can force people to pay a store subscription to get more listings, does not make this a reality for you. We will leave. We will tighten our reigns & list less. We will list on OTHER sites....but we will NOT purchase a store subscription just to get more listings. I miss the days when the higher-ups at eBay were not to big for their britches. Again, BUSINESS SCHOOL 101 - treat them fair, give them the tools & they will work harder (and bring in more money) for you.


I'm still contemplating wether to stay a seller for my 20 listings each month, but if that is my limit, that is all I will list. My other auction sight will be more then happy to take more of my business. Bonus for me, their selling/final value fees have always been less then eBay. I previously overlooked the fact that eBay's were higher, because I started on eBay. You've just made your site a whole lot less appealing.